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Real estate investment in Japan

Real estate investment in Japan

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and you have great opportunities to invest. Our aim is to maximize profitablity of your investment through well-organized tax & accounting services.

Japanese tax returns

If you purchase an apartment or other properties in Japan, it is better to file a tax return (by March 15, every year). Even if your Japanese apartment does not generate a profit, you can get several tax benefits through the tax returns.

Lower taxes

Saving tax payment is always important to make your investment suscessful. Japanese tax law is so complex so we do not recommend you do research on lowering your taxes on your own. It is just time consuming. We are tax professionals and know the best way to lower your taxes.


Our services are quite flexible and offer a wide range of services. In some cases we recommend you set up a company to purchase a property. In Japan, individual tax rate and corporate tax rate are different so if you have many properties and making a substantial profit, you can set up a company and get lower tax rates.

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Japanese tax returns

JPY 60,000~

IncorporationJPY 200,000~

Price can vary depending on several factors ( much time is spent, etc.).
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