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It is not easy to deal with tax & accounting by yourself. Time consuming. And, if you make mistakes, you may need to pay more taxes. So you can simply rely on professionals.

Start a business

When started a business, there are several things to do. We will tell you what is needed but we can do it for you. You need to focus on your business. 


It is important that you know if your business is doing well. Bookkeeping is one of the simplest ways to understand this. It taes time but important. We offer a bookkeeping service to support your business on a monthly (or quarterly or annual depends on what you like) basis. You just want to know how to do bookkeeping? No problem.

Tax returns

Some people may file a tax return by themselves, but do they know about tax benefits they could get? Do you know, for example, about 'Aoiro return' and its tax benefit? JPY 650,000 can be added to your business expenses and this reduce your taxes. We have well-experienced tax accountants and know how to save your tax payments.


Inheritance tax return is so complex and requires highly professional knowledge. Also, it takes time to complete it. If you are (expected to be) involved in the inheritance situation, we help you.

What you do next is

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Free consultation available

We need to fully understand what you may need and what we can do to meet your needs. We recommend you use our free consultation service. You can ask our professionals any questions.

Support your business

If you think you are able to get great benefits through our services, we are happy to support your business.


AccountingJPY 25,000~
Tax returnsJPY 50,000~
InheritancePlease contact us

note:prices can vary depending on several factors (e.g.type of services, how much time is spent, etc.).