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Schedule of Fees

Our fees vary accordingly to several factors such as type and complexity of services, amount of work required, etc. Please refer to the schedule of fees below for general estimation of our fees. However, actual fee may vary from the general estimation, depending on factors not listed below. Please feel free to contact us for price estimation.

Schedule of Fees for Individuals Tax Return

 Basic Charge
Basic Charge60,000 yen


Additional Charge for Investing Real Estate in Japan
Annual Real Estate Sales (yen)Less than 5 million15,000 yen
 Less than 10 million20,000 yen
 Less than 20 million30,000 yen
 Less than 50 million50,000 yen
 Less than 100 million100,000 yen
 Less than 300 million200,000 yen
 Less than 500 million300,000 yen
 Less than 1 billion500,000 yen
 1 billion or more500,000 yen or more
Optional Charges
Real Estate Purchase (per property)Less than 100 million10,000 yen
 100 million or more20,000 yen or more
Real Estate Release (per property)-50,000 yen or more
Investing Real Estate in Foreign CountriesIncome20,000 yen or more
 Purchase / Release50,000 yen or more
Deduction for Housing Loan-20,000 yen
Deduction for Medical Expenses-10,000 yen
Deduction for Spouse living abroad-10,000 yen or more
Deduction for Donations-5,000 yen or more
USA Tax Return Filing-100,000 yen or more
Tax Consultancy Fee-25,000 yen per hour
Other Income-10,000 yen or more
Other Deductions-10,000 yen or more
Other Options-We'll Estimate.

※If your case doesn't fit in the price list above, we'll estimate your fee individually. Please feel free to contact us for one free consultation or estimation.